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You can't buy love, but you can buy bagels



Perfect for events, special occasions, brunch’s, and more! Whatever you need, we got it.

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Email: worcesterbageltime@gmail.com or rzaruha@gmail.com

Bagel and Cream Cheese Platter

Your choice of bagels with 3 flavors of cream cheese –  

Price: $2.99 per person

Hand Sliced Nova Lox Platter

Sliced Nova Scotia Lox served with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers –

Deli Meat and Cheese Platter 

Your choice of bagels sliced with a generous selection of Boar’s Head premium meats (turkey, smoked turkey, corned beef, honey ham) choice of Swiss, American, Havarti or provolone cheese, and garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard and/or mayo – 

Gourmet Salad Platter

Your choice of 3 salads (tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, seafood salad or whitefish salad) with your choice of bagels, garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions 

Assorted Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter

Contents and Price Based on Availability 

Hail Caesar!

A delightful assortment of romaine lettuce, fresh Parmesan cheese, and croutons. Tossed with our own Caesar dressing  – 


Our tossed garden salad – green leaf lettuce, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, and croutons – 

The Express Lunch

Your choice of an overstuffed classic sandwiches on bagels/roll ups

Price: $6.99 per person

Fresh Vegetable or Cheese Platter 

With choice of dip –

Bagel Baskets

The perfect gift to commemorate any special occasion. Your gift will contain:

1 dozen bagels (your choice)

1/2 lbs specialty cream cheese

1/2 lbs plain cream cheese

1 dozen assorted ruggalach and one package of gourmet coffee

This is gift wrapped with a special message card that can be personalized with a message