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You can't buy love, but you can buy bagels



A variety of Fresh Hot and Cold Soups

Soup of the Day – $3.99

Types:  Veggie Lentil and Chicken Lemon Rice

Homemade Spinach Pie

Homemade, Fresh Spanakopita

Made with baby spinach, feta cheese, and crispy buttery filo dough – $3.99




Garden Fresh Salads

Tossed Salad: A bed of crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes – $4.99


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad – $6.49


Choice of 1 Over tossed Salad – $6.49


Types: Egg Salad, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Whitefish Salad,

Greek Salad, Tabbouleh, Macaroni Salad, and Egg Salad.

Roll- Ups

With your choice of bagel or wrap (plain, spinach, wheat)


Turkey Classic – $6.79

Roasted turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, lettuce, and tomatoes topped off with Russian dressing


Roasted Veggie – $6.79

Our own roasted eggplant with hummus, onions, spinach and romaine lettuce topped with creamy balsamic vinaigrette


   Hungry Pilgrim – $6.79

         Roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and lettuce 


Spicy Turkey – $6.79

Roasted turkey, salsa cream cheese, avocado, green pepper, salsa, and lettuce 


Over Stuffed Sandwiches

With your choice of bagel, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard and/or mayo 

*We feature Board’s Head Deli Meats*

Chicken Salad– $5.99

Whitefish Salad – $5.99

Tuna Salad – $5.99

Turkey, Smoked or plain – $5.99

Honey Ham – $5.99

Corned Beef – $5.99

Egg Salad – $5.99

Cheese – $4.49

American, Swiss, Havarti, or Provolone

Gourmet Sandwiches

With your choice of bagel or wrap (plain, spinach, wheat)  


*Traditional Nova – $6.89* (best seller!)

Choice sliced Nova Lox with plain cream cheese, sliced tomato, and onion 


Reuben – $ 6.79

Served hot! Corned beef and sauerkraut, topped with Russian dressing, and melted cheese 


Grilled Chicken Cordon Blue – $6.79

Grilled chicken breast, sliced honey ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard 


Turkey Time – $6.99

Smoked turkey, Havarti cheese, sweet onion, tomato, and honey mustard 


Tuna Melt – $6.99

Homemade albacore tuna, tomato, and melted cheese


Veggie Delight – $5.49

Our special hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumbers, and peppers


Turkey Slaw – $6.79

Turkey breast, homemade coleslaw, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, lettuce, and tomato 


Chicken Pesto – $6.79

Chicken breast with pesto, lettuce, tomato, and melted provolone


Balsamic Chicken – $6.79

Chicken breast, hummus, lettuce, tomato, spinach, and balsamic dressing


Grilled Chicken BLT – $6.79

BLT, mayo, and avocado 


Ham and Swiss Melt – $6.79

Maple honey ham, lettuce, tomato, and Swiss cheese (mayo or mustard)


The Greek – $6.79

Spinach wrap, hummus, tabbouleh, feta, and baby spinach


Paul’s Big Bird – $4.49

Egg, Swiss cheese, turkey, and mayo