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You can't buy love, but you can buy bagels



 Our Mission

Bagel Time grew out of our love for bagels and our interest in finding a healthy alternative to today’s fast food. Our bagels have no preservatives added and no cholesterol. We make our bagels from scratch every single day here in our store. The coffee that we brew is locally roasted daily to assure freshness and flavor. We want to make sure that your taste buds are happy before you leave! Our pledge to you is that if we wouldn’t have it in our home, we won’t serve it.

Our Story

After migrating to the United States in 1996 with her husband, Mary Zaruha got her first job as a cashier at Bagel Time. Over time, her passion for working at Bagel Time grew tremendously and so did her knowledge of the business. She was eventually promoted to a managerial position, where she realized her true passion for owning her own business. Mary became emotionally invested in the business to the point where her and her family lived, ate, and breathed bagels. She knew all there was to know and more about the business and providing exceptional customer service. After 15 years, her and her husband, Cristian gained ownership of Bagel Time in 2011. This was the true American dream for them. Presently, Mary and Cristian both work full-time together. Mary loves to interact with her customers, especially with the ones who still come in every day after 20 years! Cristian is the designated bagel man, and he loves to perfect every single bagel by hand. They love coming to work every day and living out their dream. Together, they are the dynamic duo.